Hey there,

I was born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. My ethnicity is Estonian, and I am currently based in Vancouver Island, Canada.

The layout of this website is quite contrary to who I am. Namely, I am a minimalist: I find that having less allows me to concentrate on what's important; clutter is there to just get on my way.


I could have designed a minimalist website, but I think that just being one way is boring. I love to see diversity in my work, others work, and the people around me.


It is also worth telling that I have taken most of the images when I have felt strongly about something or someone. I sometimes like to believe that photography is a way for me to process my daily life. Other times, I think that photography allows me to create a world of my own.

In my free time, I like to read books and watch short movies and commercials from around the globe on YouTube. Other times, I am trying to expand my periodic table of elements collection.

Email me at thomas.martin@thosci.com