My mission is to connect with you.

The work I do is driven by the ambition to better understand the world around me.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - I am ready.

Me in a nutshell.


Art has a significant presence in communicating my values with the unknown. Through art, I can learn in retrospect about what surrounds me and the things that I usually wouldn't pay attention to. Photography is my way of reaching out to a broader community that includes you.

I was born in Finland, but I have never really felt at home because of my Estonian ethnicity. From a young age, I have been in the search for belonging. I have always felt the closest to belonging and being myself when traveling across the 31 countries I have been to so far.


In the midst of 2019, I decided to apply for a scholarship from the Finnish Cultural Foundation to attend a global high school in Canada. They awarded me the full scholarship, which was the moment when I chose to change my life.


By being submerged in a school of 200 students representing over 100 nationalities, I got to experience what it feels to belong. It was a life-changing experience to feel at ease in a community where everyone brought a part of their culture on the table. 

It was hard, at first, to show who I was. It felt uncomfortable to be vulnerable around people. This feeling changed when I realized that in the end, it is my call to choose to be vulnerable and consequently choose to let people connect with me. I am glad I chose the hard path of learning who I was to show other people who I truly was - this is what I call change.


It is fair to say that I have learned most of what matters so far during my stay in Canada. However, all chapters, be they bad or good, come to an end. Right now, I am on the journey of integrating back into Finnish society. I am doing this with a values-first approach as I believe that is the way forward. 

For me, it is important to connect with people with the aim to celebrate the diversity of ideas. When we bring together minds that have their apparent differences but are willing to learn, we can talk about connection.

My main goal for 2021 is to volunteer at organizations to make a difference. Moreover, I am learning to improve my creative and critical thinking skills because I believe that they will be the most targeted skills in the chemical industry where tasks are being robotised at an accelerated rate.